Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Garden

We Welcome the Change of Season
The sun is shining in Amsterdam.

It is time to harvest.

Our garden offers us pears.

Chester helps me pluck three pears from the tree.

He is not sure what to think about them.

 The lawn needs work.

Daisies have popped up everywhere.
Fall brings in the spider season.
There are three giant ones in our yard.

I don't care for spiders.
However, the plants don't mind them.
I suppose even the ugly things in our lives serve a purpose.

The leaves turn golden brown, but the roses are still in bloom.

Our garden is a sweet place; a sacred space where life in in many dimensions occurs.
You can go there to watch the grapes grow.
Or you can feel the grass between your toes.

In your garden, you can grow and change with the seasons.
What kind of fruit do you bear?
What kind of plants have you planted?
Is it an English garden or a coral reef or a mountain forest filled with red wood trees?
There are many types of gardens around the world.

What does yours look like? 

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  1. My garden is one of a many spiders, of who I am well pleased (: